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United Kingdom

India, United Kingdom 2017 | 100 min.
HIFF Spring Showcase | Crime, Drama

A contemporary retelling of Shakespearian tragedy Titus Andronicus, THE HUNGRY is set in the extravagant surroundings of an Indian wedding in New Dehli. Grand and operatic, the film explores the role...

Fri, Apr 13 - 6:15PM  Dole Cannery C

Sun, Apr 15 - 2:30PM  Dole A

United Kingdom 2018 | 110 min.
HIFF Spring Showcase | Drama, Romance

Saoirse Ronan is remarkable — and so is everything else — in this entrancing adaptation of Ian McEwan's novella about a young British couple on their honeymoon in 1962. The film is a...

Mon, Apr 09 - 5:30PM  Dole Cannery C

Thu, Apr 12 - 3:30PM  Dole Cannery C

2 films/events
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