95 AND 6 TO GO

Directed by: Kimi Takesue 2016 | 86 min.

Section: Made In Hawaii

Premiere: United States Premiere

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Award winning filmmaker Kimi Takesue’s latest documentary brings her back to her “second home,” Hawaii, where she captures the cadence of daily life for her grandfather born in the 1910's to Japanese immigrants in Hawai'i. Amidst the solitude of his home routines - coupon clipping, rigging an improvised barbecue, lighting firecrackers on the New Year - Grandpa Tom's distinctly rich inner life is revealed.

As the filmmaker queries her grandfather's history of love and loss, a dramatic feature film project that Takesue has been developing provokes a surprising and sometimes humorous collaboration between the two. Grandpa Tom becomes intrigued by his granddaughter's stalled screenplay and offers advice that is as shrewd as it is unexpected. He, a regular viewer of Japanese TV dramas on KIKU and NGN, gives her notes on catchy titles, as well as suggestions on what vintage songs to use. With characteristic "tough love", he also urges his granddaughter to move on with her life and get a "steady job". Their growing collaboration provides a deeper understanding of Grandpa Tom's fears and desires as he shares intimate memories collected over a lifetime.

Takesue continues in her trademark observational style, recognized in previous documentaries such as WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME? (2010) and HEAVEN’S CROSSROAD (2002. Slow-paced, but ultimately fulfilling for the viewer, 95 AND 6 TO GO pieces together the ordinary but still extraordinary life of a quiet, yet stubbornly resilient man. Shot over six years in Honolulu, this intimate meditation on absence and family expands the vernacular of home movies to consider how history is accumulated in the everyday and animated with sparks of humor and creativity.

This film is nominated for the Halekulani Golden Orchid Award for Best Documentary.


Saturday, November 05 8:15 PM Dole Cannery C Date Passed
Sunday, November 06 8:00 PM Dole Cannery H Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Kimi Takesue
Producer Richard Beenen, Chiemi Karasawa, Kimi Takesue
Cinematographer Kimi Takesue
Editor Kimi Takesue
Other Crew Tom Efinger (Re-Recording Mixer), Gabriele Turchi (Colorist)
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