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Directed by: Mitsutoshi Tanaka 2013 | 123 min.

Section: Spotlight on Japan

Premiere: United States Premiere

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As thunder crashes and rain pours down, 3000 soldiers surround the home of tea master Rikyu. Chancellor Toyotomi Hideyoshi has ordered him to commit suicide. As he sits and contemplates his death, his wife So-on speaks to him: "There is one who is always in your thoughts." Old memories are revived...

Son of a fish shop owner, Tanaka Yoshiro studied the Japanese tea ceremony and became one of the great influences on its traditions. An exponent of the "wabi" style of ceremony, which eschewed expensive accoutrements in favour of rustic simplicity, Tanaka, then going by the name of "Soeki", came to the attention of Oda Nobunaga who appointed him tea master. When Oda died and power passed to Hideyoshi, Soeki continued in his role as "emperor of tea" and was ennobled with the name of "Rikyu" so that he could enter the palace as Hideyoshi's assistant. But Hideyoshi is a jealous and paranoid ruler who purges his closest confidants, and the final object of Hideyoshi's obsession is connected with Rikyu's youth...

Synopsis written by: Montreal World Film Festival

織田信長(伊勢谷友介)の茶頭として仕えた千利休(市川海老蔵)。利休は信長にへつらうことなく美を徹底的に追い求め、その美意識はやがて信長家臣だった豊臣秀吉(大森南朋)をも魅了。秀吉の庇護のもと、利休は茶の湯を芸術の域にまで高め、茶聖と謳われるほどになる。しかし彼の名声が高まるにつれ秀吉は心を乱していき、利休を窮地に追い詰め、ついには切腹を命じる。3千もの兵が利休の屋敷を取り囲み、自刃のときが迫っていた。妻・宗恩(中谷美紀)の、ずっと想い人がいたのではないかとの問いかけに、利休は胸に秘めていた遠い記憶を蘇らせる。若い頃利休は色街に入り浸り、遊び呆けていた。そんな中ある女と出会い、彼女の気高さや美しさにすっかり心を奪われる。茶人 ・武野紹鴎(市川團十郎)の指導を受け、骨身を惜しまず彼女の世話をする利休。彼女は高麗からさらわれてきた、一国の王への貢ぎ物だった。いくら彼女と気持ちを通わせても、恋が叶うはずもなかった。別れの時が近づき、利休はやむにやまれぬ思いである事件を起こす……。



Saturday, April 05 6:30 PM Dole Cannery B Date Passed
Sunday, April 06 2:30 PM Dole Cannery C Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Mitsutoshi Tanaka
Screenwriter Kenichi Yamamoto
Producer Kazutaka Fukushima, Ohji Morita, Hidetomo Sugaya
Executive Producer Masaru Hashiro, Makoto Hayashi, Takanori Ito, Shohei Izawa
Cast Ebizo Ichikawa, Miki Nakatani, Danjuro Ichikawa, Yusuke Iseya, Nao Omori
Cinematographer Takeshi Hamada
Editor Kazunobu Fujita

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