Directed by: David Stubbs 2015 | 89 min.

Section: Pacific Showcase

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere


Just as intense as any horror movie, BELIEF: THE POSSESSION OF JANET MOSES is a documentary film that explores “The Wainuiomata exorcism" and reveals the true story of how both love and fear could drive a New Zealand family to unwittingly kill one of their own.

The film combines police interviews and dramatic narrative to depict the reality of the last few days of Janet Moses’ life. Believing that 22-year-old Janet had fallen under the spell of a Mãkutu, or Mãori curse, her whanau (family) surround her in a circle of love, and subject the young mother to four days and four nights of water cleansing in an effort to rid her of evil. So great was their belief in Mãkutu, that it became their truth.

Director David Stubbs believes this tragedy was caused by "fear and love mixing and turning into hysteria". The case was reported around the world. In 2009 five members of Janet’s close family were charged in relation to her death.

“This is a cautionary tale that I hope starts conversations around where spirituality sits in our community, and why many beliefs are still held secret.” – David Stubbs


Friday, November 11 8:15 PM Dole Cannery E Date Passed
Sunday, November 13 11:15 AM Dole Cannery E Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director David Stubbs
Producer Thomas Robins
Cast Tina Cook, William Davis, Kura Forrester, Hariata Moriarty
Cinematographer Mathew Knight
Editor Bradley Warden
Writer David Stubbs
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