Directed by: Takashi Yamazaki 2017 | 129 min.

Section: HIFF Spring Showcase

Premiere: United States Premiere


One of the biggest box office hits of the year, and based on a famous 1980’s manga, DESTINY: THE TALE OF KAMAKURA tells the fantastical tale of mystery author Masakazu Isshiki, his young wife Akiko, and their adventures in the supernatural town of Kamakura. A town on the edge of the spirit world, Kamakura is filled with other-worldly creatures, spirits and goblins of all sorts. Isshiki is not only a writer, but also a skilled sleuth, who interacts with the supernatural world. Together, the husband and wife solve mysterious cases taking place around them. But when one of the spirits takes an unhealthy interest in Akiko, Isshiki may have to take a trip to the netherworld to save her!

Director Takashi Yamazaki is considered a pioneer of high concept films in Japan that utilize cutting-edge special effects to realize his vision, either in fantastical scenarios or sprawling cityscapes from a bygone era like his popular 1950’s set ALWAYS: SUNSET ON THIRD STREET film series. Japanese superstar Masato Sakai (CHEF OF SOUTH POLAR, KEY OF LIFE) plays the the mystery solving author, in a film that can best be described as SHERLOCK meets SPIRITED AWAY.



Sunday, April 08 5:00 PM Dole A Date Passed
Saturday, April 14 3:00 PM Dole A Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Takashi Yamazaki
Screenwriter Takashi Yamazaki
Cast Masato Sakai, Mitsuki Takahata
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