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Directed by: Guy Green 1963 | 107 min.

Section: The Pacific 'Other': A Retrospective

Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Classic, Drama, Pacific Cinema, Romance


Sponsored by:

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Charlton Heston stars as ruthless "King" Howland, the head of an agricultural dynasty, in DIAMOND HEAD – a torrid tale of passion and prejudice set in steamy Hawaii. An outspoken, hardheaded man, Howland sets out to halt the marriage of his beautiful young sister, Sloan (Yvette Mimieux), to Hawaiian boy Paul Kahana (James Darren). Even though Howland is having a secret love affair with the lovely Hawaiian Mei Chen (France Nuyen), he loathes the idea of a "native boy" joining his family. After a violent confrontation ends in Paul's death, a devastated Sloan realizes that she's in love with Paul's brother, Dean (George Chakiris), and once again, Howland faces the prospect of an unwanted alliance. When tragedy strikes again, Howland is forced to either change his beliefs or watch his dynasty disintegrate.

Synopsis written by: Classicflix.com


Saturday, October 19 4:30 PM Doris Duke Theatre Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Guy Green
Screenwriter Marguerite Roberts
Producer Jerry Bresler
Cast Charles Heston, Yvette Mimieux, George Chakiris, France Nuyen, James Darren
Cinematographer Sam Leavitt
Production Designer Malcolm Brown
Editor William A. Lyon
Costume Designer Pat Barto
Music Composer John Williams

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