Directed by: Hiroshi Horiuchi 2015 | 108 min.

Section: Spotlight on Japan

Premiere: World Premiere

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Countries: Japan

Languages: Japanese, with English subtitles

Genres: Drama, Family, Romance


Izumo Grand Shrine is located in Shimane prefecture. It enshrines the god, Ookuninushi who controls destiny and the relationships between men and women. Maki, a young woman working in Tokyo is to be married in a month to her fiancee Kazunori.

Sadly, her grandmother Akie suddenly passes away. She was raised by her as a child, never knowing her parents. Maki travels back to Izumo, to take care of funeral arrangements and settle her grandmother’s affairs. While cleaning up Akie's belongings, she finds a box containing a bride's kimono and an incomplete marriage contract. The contract was signed by a man named Soichi. A man who might be her father.

Maki meets a local clam fisherman, Mitsuru, at the funeral and he helps her in her search. Together with Mitsuru, she finds new clues in her search for her father. As they spend time together, Mitsuru and Maki become friends. She admires that Mitsuru is a man who is proud of Izumo's music and dance traditions, sometimes going to blows with his peers who want to update their performances to adhere to modern tastes. With the search for her father and this burgeoning friendship with another man, Maki is faced with a dilemma. Does her fate belong in Izumo or Tokyo, where she is set to marry?
— Anderson Le


Saturday, November 21 2:45 PM Dole Cannery D Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Hiroshi Horiuchi
Producer Jaewon Lee
Cast Yuta Hiraoka, Shunya Isaka, Nozomi Sasaki
Cinematographer Christopher Doyle
Writer Hiroshi Horiuchi, Saki Kawarahata
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