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Directed by: Ed Harris 2000 | 122 min.

Section: Spring Showcase

Premiere: Return Engagement

Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Art


HIFF is honored to host Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden as a special presentation preceding this year's SPRING SHOWCASE. The Festival will present the award-winning film POLLOCK, where she played Lee Krasner, the long suffering artist wife of Jackson Pollock (Ed Harris). Ms. Harden would win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2000 for this role. Harden's performance was deeply moving and unforgettable and earned her the Oscar and New York Film Critic's Circle awards for best supporting actress. Continuing to work prolifically in features and television, she earned another Oscar nomination in 2003 for her supporting role in Clint Eastwood's MYSTIC RIVER (2003). 

Before her Oscar win, she had already a long career on stage and screen, kicking off with her first mainstream role as a sultry femme fatale in the Coen Brothers' cleverly offbeat homage to the gangster movie, MILLER'S CROSSING (1990). Harden received good reviews for her sultry performance as Verna, a seductive, trouble-making moll. She would take on many supporting roles in TV and film, but she would light up the stage as part of the original Broadway cast of Tony Kushner's ANGELS IN AMERICA, playing the role of Harper, the alienated wife of a closeted gay man. It was a demanding dramatic role, and Harden won acclaim for her work, including a Tony award nomination.
After becoming an Oscar winner, Ms Harden would continue taking interesting  and varied roles in award winning films such as AMERICAN GUN, THE MIST, and INTO THE WILD. She will next be seen in the JFK assassination film PARKLAND, as well as joining the cast on the new season of Aaron Sorkin's THE NEWSROOM.  
POLLOCK Synopsis:
Artist Jackson Pollock revolutionized American painting in the 1940's with his exciting abstract canvases that used dripped and splattered paint in a manner at once excitingly physical and structurally intelligent. While Pollock became a heroic figure in the art world, his private life was nothing to envy, and this biography looks at both his professional triumphs and personal tragedies. In 1941, Pollock (Ed Harris) was a bitter and struggling painter when he met Lee Krasner (Marcia Gay Harden), a fellow artist with whom he was appearing in a joint gallery show. Krasner was intrigued by Pollock, and immediately sensed the importance of his work; they quickly became lovers, and as Krasner realized his superior talent, she began devoting herself to promoting Pollock's work. When Peggy Guggenheim (Amy Madigan) agreed to present a show of Pollock's paintings at her Art of This Century gallery, his name was made, and a profile in Life magazine solidified his reputation as one of the art world's most important figures. But success did not bring Pollock peace of mind; while he long had a taste for alcohol, his new fame sent his drinking out of control, and his infidelity with numerous women (including Guggenheim) eventually destroyed his relationship with Krasner. Pollock was the first feature directed by actor Ed Harris, who also plays the title role; the cast also includes Val Kilmer as artist Willem de Kooning and Jennifer Connelly as Ruth Kligman, one of Pollock's lovers. Marcia Gay Harden would win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Lee Krasner. 

Synopsis written by: Anderson Le


Monday, April 01 6:30 PM Doris Duke Theatre Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Ed Harris
Screenwriter Susan Emshwiller, Barbara Turner
Producer James Francis Trezza, Jon Kilik
Cast Jennifer Connelly, Bud Cort, Marcia Gay Harden, Ed Harris, Val Kilmer, Amy Madigan
Cinematographer Jeff Beal