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Directed by: Jae-rim Han 2013 | 142 min.

Section: HIFF at Cinema Hawaii

Premiere: Advance Screening


“Human face is the embodiment of nature and its order.”

Nae-kyeong is the greatest face reader Joseon has ever known. He can see through people by looking at their faces. He lives with his son Jin-hyeong and his brother-in-law Paeng-heon in the mountains. After alluring courtesan Yeon-hong proposes an offer, he moves to Hanyang to read faces in the courtesan house. Nae-kyeong quickly becomes the “go-to face reader” in town and even Vice Premier Kim Jong-seo hears about the new face reader. He appoints Nae-kyeong to government’s Inspection Board. During his inspection, Nae-kyeong finds out about Prince Su-yang’s plan to take the throne of his nephew. He decides to change the destiny of the country by changing what’s written on Su-yang’s face.

THE FACE READER, just released in Korea during the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving holidays) is currently the #1 box office champion. With a stellar performance from Song Kang-ho (MEMORIES OF MURDER, THE HOST, JSA) as Nae-kyeong the "face reader" and Kim Hye-su (THE THIEVES) as Yeon-hong the courtesan, as well as other great performances from Korean drama and film favorites LEE Jung-jae (also of THE THIEVES), BAEK Yun-shick and JO Jung-suk, this highly anticipated film has exceeded the audience's expectations in this Joseon Dynasty set major motion picture.

HIFF is honored to present this special advance screening as part the Cinema Hawaii series at the Hawaii Theatre Center, as well as a special advance screening before the kick-off of HIFF33, before its theatrical release in Honolulu.

사람의 얼굴에는 세상 삼라만상이 모두 다 들어있소이다!

얼굴을 보면 그 사람의 모든 것을 꿰뚫어보는 천재 관상가 내경. 처남 ‘팽헌’, 아들 ‘진형’과 산속에 칩거하고 있던 그는 관상 보는 기생 ‘연홍’의 제안으로 한양으로 향하고, 연홍의 기방에서 사람들의 관상을 봐주는 일을 하게 된다. 용한 관상쟁이로 한양 바닥에 소문이 돌던 무렵, ‘내경’은 ‘김종서’로부터 사헌부를 도와 인재를 등용하라는 명을 받아 궁으로 들어가게 되고, ‘수양대군’이 역모를 꾀하고 있음을 알게 된 그는 위태로운 조선의 운명을 바꾸려 한다.

감독 한재림

출연 송강호, 이정재, 백윤식, 조정석, 김혜수


Monday, October 07 7:30 PM Hawaii Theatre Center Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Jae-rim Han
Screenwriter Dong-Hyuk Kim
Producer Woo-jae Kim
Cast Song Kang-ho, Kim Hye-su, Lee Jung-jae, Baek Yun-shick Jo Jung-su