Directed by: Shinji Aramaki 2013 | 115 min.

Section: Planet Anime

Premiere: North American Premiere

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Captain Harlock is the one man standing between the corrupt Gaia Coalition and their quest for complete intergalactic rule. Seeking revenge against those who wronged both mankind and himself, the mysterious space pirate roams the universe in his battlecruiser, the Arcadia, defiantly attacking and pillaging enemy ships. Gaia Fleet leader Ezra sends his younger brother, Logan, to infiltrate the Arcadia and assassinate Harlock. But Logan will soon discover that things are not always what they seem, and that legends are born for a reason. Harlock pushes his loyal crew forward in his death-defying mission to undo the “Nodes of Time” and reverse the Earth to an age when still inhabited by humans. It is the year 2977 and 500 billion displaced humans long to return to the planet they still refer to as home. The rebellious Captain Harlock and his trusted crew are mankind’s only hope of one day righting the Coalition’s wrongs.

Based on the classic 1970s anime, this new, big budget reimagining of HARLOCK is in glorious 3-D CG animation. Toei Animation has pushed their limits in producing a rollicking space-faring adventure utilizing the latest technologies to update the property for a new generation.

Synopsis written by: Venice

『銀河鉄道999』シリーズと並び称される松本零士の人気コミック「宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック」を、およそ30年ぶりにアニメ化。― 銀河の果てまで移動が可能となった時代。開拓の限りを尽くし新天地を失った人類は、「戻るべき場所」となった地球の居住権をめぐって争いを始める。紛争を終息させる最終兵器として4隻のデス・シャドウ級宇宙戦艦が建造され、その4番艦の艦長としてハーロックが任命される。歴戦の勇士として名をはせた彼だったが、終戦を迎えると同時に戦艦と共に消息を絶ってしまう。やがて、彼は巨大なドクロを艦首に刻んだ宇宙海賊船を操るキャプテンハーロックとなって姿を現し、地球連邦政府に戦いを挑んでいく。

監督: 荒牧伸志
声優: 小栗旬、三浦春馬、蒼井優、吉田新太、福田彩乃 他


Friday, October 11 9:00 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed
Sunday, October 13 8:15 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Shinji Aramaki
Screenwriter Leiji Matsumoto, Harutoshi Fukui, Kiyoto Takeuchi
Producer Toei Animation
Executive Producer Heedong Kim
Cast Yu Aoi, Maaya Sakamoto, Shun Oguri, Haruma Miura
Art Designer Matt Farell

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