Directed by: Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto 2016 | 117 min.

Section: Fantastic Asia

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere

Countries: Indonesia

Languages: Indonesian, with English subtitles

Genres: Action, Asian Cinema, Crime & Gangster, Martial Arts, Thriller


THE RAID left viewers with a serious case of whiplash thanks to the furious flying fists and lightning-fast feet of star Iko Uwais. A new action star was born. Now Uwais returns to the big screen as the hero of HEADSHOT, an amnesiac who's forgotten everything about his past life — apart from his aptitude for ass kicking.

A nameless man (Uwais) wakes up in a hospital with severe head trauma, not knowing who he is or what happened to him. Assisted by devoted student doctor Ailin (Chelsea Islan), who nicknames him "Ishmael" after the character in Moby Dick, he recovers and tries to regain his memory. Naturally, Ishmael's past is about to catch up with him, in the form of Lee (Sunny Pang), a drug lord and gang boss whose tentacles reach deep into the police and the penal system. When Ailin is kidnapped and Ishmael sets out to get her back, he finds himself pitted against an array of skilled fighters who may have been his former colleagues. As Ishmael battles through a series of deadly fights with this squad of enforcers, fragments of his past are teased out and the puzzle of his identity begins to come together.

Directors Timo Tjahjanto (known in the West for the "Libido" segment in THE ABCS OF DEATH (HIFF 2012) and the "Safe Haven" episode in V/H/S/2 with Gareth Evans, the director of THE RAID and THE RAID 2) and Kimo Stamboel — a.k.a. The Mo Brothers — have a keen eye for action, and they keep it coming at a speedy clip as Ishmael kicks, punches, ducks, and flips his way through the Indonesian criminal underworld.
-Colin Geddes, Toronto International Film Festival


Wednesday, November 09 8:45 PM Dole Cannery D Date Passed
Friday, November 11 8:45 PM Dole Cannery D Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto
Producer Shinjiro Nishimura, Wicky V. Olindo, Mike Wiluan
Cast Julie Estelle, Chelsea Islan, Sunny Pang, Iko Uwais
Cinematographer Yunus Pasolang
Writer Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto
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