Directed by: H.P. Mendoza 2012 | 74 min.

Section: American Indies

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere

Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Horror


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This is the ghost story after the ghost story.  Directed by H.P. Mendoza (HIFF 2009’s FRUIT FLY), I AM A GHOST takes a look at the other side of the line separating the living and the dead as Emily (Anna Ishida) tries to come to terms with her ex-existence.  With the help of Sylvia (Jeannie Barroga), a medium on our side of the great divide, Anna unravels the mystery of her death.

I AM A GHOST recalls recent ghost centric films like The Innkeepers in choosing to build its tension through open spaces and silences as opposed to the barrage of jarring musical stabs and quick edits that populates more mainstream fare.  This is one haunted house tale where the whispered demands to “Get out,” come from the living.

Synopsis written by: Chris Claxton


Saturday, October 13 7:30 PM Dole Cannery E Date Passed
Sunday, October 14 2:30 PM Dole Cannery E Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director H.P. Mendoza
Screenwriter H.P. Mendoza
Producer Mark Del Lima
Cast Jenny Barroga, Rick Burkhardt, Juliet Heller, Anna Ishida, Diana Tenes
Cinematographer H.P. Mendoza
Editor H.P. Mendoza
Music Composer H.P. Mendoza

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