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Directed by: Young-seok Noh 2013 | 99 min.

Section: Spotlight on Korea

Premiere: Hawaii


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Hoping to avail himself of some peace and quiet to put the finishing touches on his latest script, a taciturn young screenwriter (Jun Suk-ho) arranges to stay at the rural bed and breakfast owned by his producer's family. With the lodge closed to patrons for the winter, he'll suffer precious few distractions — or so he believes. Inevitably, a carload of obnoxious would-be guests arrives, unaware of the off-season closure and eager to take advantage of his reluctant hospitality. He soon finds himself having to contend with several more unwelcome visitors — including a talkative ex-con, an unscrupulous police officer, and a pair of possibly murderous woodsmen — as his secluded getaway becomes a darkly comic ordeal with surprising geopolitical ramifications.

Viewers familiar with Noh's debut feature DAYTIME DRINKING will find much to delight in his follow-up, which continues to demonstrate his unique talent for understated whimsy in a story that raises the dramatic stakes on DAYTIME DRINKING's boozy sojourn. Newcomers will discover a filmmaker who has set himself apart even within one of the world's most vibrantly inventive national cinemas.

Synopsis written by: Giovanna Fulvi, TIFF

한 겨울, 시나리오 완성을 위해 주인 없는 펜션을 찾은 작가가 지나치게 친절한 전과자, 거친 사냥꾼, 고압적인 방문객들을 만난 뒤, 의문의 살인사건에 연속적으로 휘말리게 된다는 미스터리 스릴러.

감독 노영석

출연 전석호, 오태경, 최무성

Synopsis written by: Daum Movies


Wednesday, October 16 9:30 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed
Friday, October 18 4:00 PM Dole Cannery H Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Young-seok Noh
Screenwriter Young-seok Noh
Producer Sun-hee Choi
Executive Producer Jay Gil
Cast Suk-ho Jun, Tae-kyung Oh
Cinematographer Jae-in Park
Editor Soo-dan Park

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