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Directed by: Nicolas Philibert 2012 | 103 min.

Section: EuroCinema Hawaii

Premiere: North American


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EuroCinema Hawai'i

Southern Wine and Spirits of Hawaii

Making a film about a radio station doesn't sound like the most visually compelling of projects. How many takes do you need before the acoustic transition from the opening to the closing of a door is perfect or the reader's voice correctly modulated? Nicolas Philibert (ETRE ET AVOIR) has accepted the challenge to portray that which cannot be seen. Shouldering his camera, he spent half a year wandering the endless corridors of Radio France's “round house” on the banks of the Seine where he filmed people who dedicate themselves utterly and meticulously to their work.

Philibert takes his time, allowing the rich diversity of radio programs to create a universe of their own, like an echo of the world outside. His film shows the entire spectrum of political and cultural programs, concerts, readings, location reportage, interviews, and phone-in chat shows. This “blind” medium that stimulates the imagination has always fascinated this particular image-maker. Philibert's film is a monument to the diligent creators behind the medium of radio.

Synopsis written by: Berlinale


Thursday, October 17 6:30 PM Dole Cannery C Date Passed
Friday, October 18 3:30 PM Dole Cannery C Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Nicolas Philibert
Producer Serge Lalou
Executive Producer Virginie Guibbaud
Cast Tata Milourda, Eric Caravaca, Laetitia Bernard, Denis Faroud, Jean-Claude Carriere, Umberto Eco, Benedicte Heim, Pierre Bastien, Thomas Baumgartner, Julien Cloquet
Cinematographer Katell Djian, Laurent Chevallier, Nicolas Philibert
Editor Nicolas Philibert
Associate Producer Norio Hatano, Remi Burah
Sound Olivier Do Huu

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