Directed by: Alexandre Philippe 2012 | 72 min.

Section: New American Filmmakers

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere

Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Documentary


Sponsored by:

The Vilcek Foundation

One minute he was in his tank, minding his own business. The next thing he knew, he had the frantic attention of the world's media. As Paul the "psychic" octopus managed to repeatedly pick the winning football team in the 2010 World Cup, he quickly became a global superstar.

Alexandre Philippe opens at the end of the story: with Paul's cremation, before creatively exploring his legacy. Paul drew the attention of eccentrics around the world - including a Russian offering £1 million for him, and Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who accused the west of using the creature to spread propaganda.

Whether Paul is an honest-to-goodness 21st century oracle, or a tentacled sham, remains a hotly debated topic. What is certain, though, is that Paul's unmatched string of correct predictions has affected us, made us dream, and impacted popular culture. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL THE PSYCHIC OCTOPUS is a biopic of tentacular proportions--one that explores celebrity mania at its most outrageous, the science of probabilities, and the possibility of higher powers.


Sunday, October 14 7:00 PM Dole Cannery E Date Passed
Wednesday, October 17 2:30 PM Dole Cannery C Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Alexandre Philippe
Screenwriter Alexandre Philippe
Producer Alexandre Philippe, Ewa Lee Bigio, Robert Muratore

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