Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki 1992 | 94 min.

Section: Studio Ghibli Retrospective

Premiere: Return Engagement


The setting is 1920's Italy, just after World War I, and the skies are ruled by daring sea-plane pilots of all sorts—soldiers, bounty hunters, and pirates, all who after a hard day's work convene at Gina's island café to kick back, relax, and hear the lovely Gina sing. An unwritten truce between all men, no matter what vocation, is always in effect at Gina's.

The bravest pilot known at Gina's cafe, however, isn't even really a man at all. He's Porco Rosso, a once-human pilot with the heart of a lion, the cunning of a wolf, and the head of a pig. Porco is envied and hated by many, partially for his unsurpassed skill in flying, and partially for his friendship with Gina, and partially for his apparent apathy towards "humans' politics" even as the fascists are establishing their power. Such popularity could prove dangerous as Porco suddenly finds himself beset by pirates seeking revenge, fascists seeking his blood, and a jealous suitor seeking what he loves most in life.

PORCO ROSSO is a true must-see film, by master animator Hayao Miyazaki and the famed Ghibli Studio.

Synopsis written by: Raphael See


Saturday, October 20 11:00 AM Dole Cannery A Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Hayao Miyazaki
Screenwriter Hayao Miyazaki
Producer Rick Dempsey, Toshio Suzuki
Cast Tsunehiko Kamijô, Tokiko Kato, Sanshi Katsura, Shûichirô Moriyama, Akemi Okamura
Director of Photography Atsushi Okui

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