Directed by: Kenichi Omori 2014 | 125 min.

Section: Spotlight on Japan

Premiere: United States Premiere

Countries: Japan

Languages: Japanese

Genres: Adventure, Asia, Family Friendly, Fantasy


Kaede is a sprightly girl whose island town in the Seto Inland Sea is threatened by the abolition of a ferry route central to its survival. If discontinued her family will lose their soy sauce factory and, with it, their home. The crisis appears beyond solution, but Kaede won’t give up. When her dreams tell of the treasure that her ancestor, is believed to have stashed away, she recruits three friends and resolves to uncover the four-hundred-year-old mystery.


Sunday, November 09 12:00 PM Dole Cannery H Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Kenichi Omori
Producer Yumiko Masuda
Cast Wakana Aoi, Masaki Izawa, Kyoichi Omae, Kyoka Shibata
Cinematographer Hiroaki Niizuma
Writer Kaori Fujii, Kenichi Omori, Hiroyasu Yuhara
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