Directed by: Jack Niedenthal, Suzanne Chutaro 2012 | 79 min.

Section: Pacific Showcase

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere


Sponsored by:

Pacific Islanders in Communications

THE SOUND OF CRICKETS AT NIGHT is the story of a family displaced as a result of nuclear testing on Bikini Atoll and now living in exile on Ejit Island on Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Kali, a darling-though-curious 10-year-old Bikinian girl, watches in dismay as her mother and father argue bitterly, then finally separate and leave the island.

Left alone to care for her elderly grandfather, Jebuki, who has been hiding a life-threatening illness, Kali deteriorates, refusing to eat, work or play. Fearing for his granddaughter’s wellbeing, Jebuki makes a desparate decision to summon Worejabato, an ancient deity from Bikini Atoll. Appearing in the form of an unshaven American stranger, Worejabato washes up on the beach on Ejit Island, and is discovered by Kali.  The deity immediately begins to weave his way into Kali's life, but wishes from Worejabato do not come for free.  What will Jebuki promise to Worejabato to ensure Kali’s happiness?


Wednesday, October 17 7:15 PM Dole Cannery D Date Passed
Friday, October 19 4:30 PM Dole Cannery E Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Jack Niedenthal, Suzanne Chutaro
Screenwriter Jack Niedenthal
Producer Jack Niedenthal, Suzanne Chutaro
Cast Karen Earnshaw , Salome Fakatou, Banjo Joel , Alson Kelen, Jack Niedenthal, Jukulius Niedenthal
Cinematographer Jack Niedenthal, Jukulius Niedenthal
Production Designer Suzanne Chutaro
Editor Jack Niedenthal, Suzanne Chutaro
Associate Producer Jukulius Niedenthal
Costume Designer Suzanne Chutaro
Casting Director Jack Niedenthal, Suzanne Chutaro
Sound Jukulius Niedenthal
Panelist Jack Niedenthal, Suzanne Chutaro

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