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Directed by: James Ponsoldt 2013 | 95 min.

Section: Spring Showcase

Premiere: Hawaii

Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Coming of Age, Drama, Romance, Teen Flick


Sutter Keely lives in the now. It’s a good place for him. A high school senior, charming and self-possessed, he’s the life of the party, loves his job at a men’s clothing store, and has no plans for the future. A budding alcoholic, he’s never far from his supersized, whisky-fortified 7UP cup. But after being dumped by his girlfriend, Sutter gets drunk and wakes up on a lawn with Aimee Finicky hovering over him. Not a member of the cool crowd, she’s different: the “nice girl” who reads science fiction and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She has big dreams, while Sutter lives in a world of impressive self-delusion. And yet they’re drawn to each other.

Adapted from Tim Tharp’s novel, THE SPECTACULAR NOW captures the insecurity and confusion of adolescence without looking for tidy truths. Young actors rarely portray teens with the maturity that Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley display, and they are phenomenal together. Funny, compassionate, and poignant, James Ponsoldt’s third feature again demonstrates his ability to lay bare the souls of his characters.


Wednesday, April 10 8:30 PM Dole Cannery B Date Passed
Thursday, April 11 3:30 PM Dole Cannery B Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director James Ponsoldt
Screenwriter Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, based on the novel by Tim Tharp
Producer Tom McNulty, Shawn Levy, Andrew Lauren, Michelle Krumm
Executive Producer Scott Neustadter, Michael H Weber, Matthew Medlin, Marc Shmuger
Cast Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kyle Chandler
Director of Photography Jess Hall
Editor Darrin Navarro

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