Directed by: Dominik Walczuk 2011 | 70 min.

Section: Made in Hawaii

Premiere: World Premiere

Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Experimental


Sponsored by:

Bank of Hawaii

Meet Pan (Caroline Antilla), a young twenty-something year-old girl who is not sure what direction she wants to take with her life. But when she decides to try out working-for-housing at a local theater, she begins a path of unexpected self-discovery. Upon arrival she meets enigmatic theater owner Felix (Lee Michael Walczuk) whose lessons in artistry begin to change her whole outlook on life. But when his son Baba (Dominik Walczuk) arrives out of the blue, Pan soon discovers that Felix has a mysterious past.

Shot entirely on location in Hilo, Hawaii, SUBJECTIVE EXPRESSIONS is the first feature-length effort from 19-year-old director Dominik Walczuk. Beautifully shot, the film combines music and theatrical device interwoven with narrative dialogue to create a story that is both atmospheric and engaging. This sincere and inspiring debut from director/actor Walczuk and writer/actress Antilla, proves that these two filmmakers have a promising future.

Synopsis written by: Anna Page


Thursday, October 20 7:30 PM Dole Cannery E Date Passed
Sunday, October 30 6:00 PM Hilo Palace Theater Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Dominik Walczuk
Screenwriter Caroline Antilla, Dominik Walczuk
Producer Caroline Antilla, Amy Baum, Yvette Celiz, Olin Lagon, Mikolaj Walczuk, Lee Michael Walczuk, Renata Walczuk, Piotr Walczuk, Maria Walczuk, Busaba Yip, Sven Zirkmann
Cast Caroline Antilla, Nahko Bear, Caroline Heim, Mikolaj Walczuk, Lee Michael Walczuk, Dominik Walczuk, Renata Walczuk
Cinematographer Dominik Walczuk
Editor Dominik Walczuk

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