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Directed by: Takashi Shimizu 2012 | 83 min.

Section: Spring Showcase

Premiere: Hawaii

Countries: Japan

Languages: Japanese, with English subtitles

Genres: Horror


TORMENTED (RABITTO HORA 3D) centres on a young boy whose family seems to be falling apart around him. The situation gets worse when he manifests a growing and dangerous friendship and reliance on a stuffed toy rabbit that comes to life. Is he crazy; is his sister alive or dead; is their storybook illustrating father going insane or are they all delusional? Shimizu ventures once more into the terrifying recesses of the mind. The film marks his first collaboration with award-winning cinematographer Christopher Doyle, who previously worked with many other noted Asian directors.


Thursday, April 19 9:15 PM Dole Cannery B Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Takashi Shimizu
Screenwriter Takashi Shimizu, Sotaro Hayashi, Daisuke Hosaka
Producer Satoru Ogura, Masayuki Tanishima
Executive Producer Esther Uchino, Michael J. Werner
Cast Teruyuki Kagawa, Hikari Mitsushima, Tamaki Ogawa, Nao Ohmori, Takeru Shibuya
Cinematographer Christopher Doyle