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Directed by: Jia Zhangke 2013 | 135 min.

Section: Spotlight on China

Premiere: North American


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Hawaii National Bank

Dahai, a labor leader whose attempts to curb corruption at the local mine has failed, he takes action in his own hands and walks to a planned celebration to greet these leaders with a shotgun. Another worker, Santer, who travels the countryside on his motorcycle in search of work, discovers that his most powerful bargaining tool is a gun. A young spa receptionist spends endless hours fending off a rich client until - to her amazement - she discovers the ability to kill. Elsewhere, a village boy, humiliated wherever he finds work (which includes working at a Foxconn type factory), cannot take it anymore and opts for an extreme solution. Four characters, four stories based on real events ripped from the headlines. A TOUCH OF SIN depicts social inequalities in contemporary China and looks at the growing tensions arising from the utter failure to stamp out corruption.

Inspired by King Hu’s wuxia classic A TOUCH OF ZEN, where director Jia Zhangke argues that martial arts films are about individuals who deal with political oppression, what is even more eye-opening is the fact that the film has been approved by the Chinese censors and is slated for a November release in China.

Synopsis written by: Anderson Le


'天注定' 里讲述的四个带有暴力元素的故事你一定不会陌生。他们分别取材于2001年发生在山西的胡文海持枪杀人案、2012年发生在重庆的周克华银行抢劫案、2009年发生在湖北的邓玉娇杀人案以及近年来的富士康员工跳楼事件。

贾樟柯说:“社会问题前所未有的激化了. 贫富差距日益加剧. 差距越大,那些潜在的不满情绪越强烈。普通百姓也愈发意识到社会的不公,他们的容忍力在缩减。近年来,一些人开始选择暴力非正常地解决他们的个人危机。”




Synopsis written by: China Daily


Sunday, October 13 5:45 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed
Tuesday, October 15 3:00 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Jia Zhangke
Screenwriter Jia Zhangke
Producer Shozo Ichiyama
Executive Producer Jia Zhangke, Masayuki Mori, Ren Zhong-lun
Cast Zhao Tao, Jiang Wu, Wang Baoqiang, Luo Lanshan
Cinematographer Nelson Yu Lik-wai
Production Designer Liu Weixin
Editor Matthieu Laclau, Lin Xudong
Music Composer Lim Giong

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