Directed by: Ishikawa Kei 2016 | 120 min.

Section: Spotlight on Japan

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere

Countries: Japan

Languages: Japanese, with English subtitles

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller


Sponsored by:

Nippon Golden Network

Looking to keep busy, young investigative reporter Tanaka (Satoshi Tsumabuki, WATERBOYS, TOKYO FAMILY, RAGE) decides to immerse himself in a shocking unsolved murder case, an entire family killed in their home. At the same time, Tanaka has some trouble in his own life, his sister Mitsuko (Hikari Mitsushima, LOVE EXPOSURE, SAWAKO DECIDES, KAKEKOMI) having been recently arrested for child neglect. As he tries to piece together what caused demure Mitsuko to do such a thing, he begins to interview those close to the murdered family.

But as he sinks deeper into the investigation, he begins to uncover that they may have not been the perfect family they appeared, and pieces from their past may cut a little too close to home...A clever, taut thriller with twists-and-turns until the end, GUKOROKU: TRACES OF SIN marks a dark turn for stars Satoshi Tsumabuki and Hikari Mitsushima, showing dramatic range for both actors. A feature-length debut for director Kei Ishikawa, this film proves he’s one to watch in the coming years.

-Anna Page


Synopsis written by: Anna Page


Sunday, November 05 7:30 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed
Wednesday, November 08 8:15 PM Dole Cannery C Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Ishikawa Kei
Screenwriter Kosuke Mukai
Producer Makoto Kakurai
Cast Yui Ichikawa, Keisuke Koide, Mitsushima Hikari, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Asami Usuda
Cinematographer Piotr Niemyjski

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