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Directed by: Deok Roh 2013 | 112 min.

Section: Spotlight on Korea

Premiere: Hawaii


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The sleeper hit of 2013, VERY ORDINARY COUPLE is a romantic comedy that came out of nowhere, opened big, and wound up beating Hollywood blockbusters at the box office. Lee and Jang are colleagues who work in the same bank and they have just broken up. Because they didn’t want things to be awkward at work, they dated in secret. But now that they are no longer together, they hate the very sight of each other and on a company dinner they both get drunk and have an explosive public screaming match. So much for secrets.

Now the word is out: Lee and Jang dated and now hate one another. Forced to stand side by side every day they begin a cold war and soon their colleagues are taking sides. But the fighting reawakens the passion they felt for each other and hate is basically in the same neighborhood as love.

The first film from Roh Deok, one of Korea’s rare female directors, she based it on her own life and it feels so genuinely observed. VERY ORDINARY COUPLE is about how extraordinary every ordinary love affair really and truly is, and how it’s a miracle any of us survive.


Synopsis written by: New York Asian Film Festival

라고 말하고 모든 것이 더 뜨거워졌다.

직장동료 동희와 영은 3년차 비밀연애커플.
남들 눈을 피해 짜릿하게 사랑했지만 오늘, 헤어졌다.

다음날 아침, 직장동료로 다시 만난 두 사람.
서로의 물건을 부숴 착불로 보내고, 커플 요금을 해지하기 전 인터넷 쇼핑으로 요금 폭탄을 던지고.
심지어는 서로에게 새로운 애인이 생겼다는 말에 SNS 탐색부터 미행까지!

헤어져, 라고 말한 후에 모든 것이 새롭게 시작되었다.
헤어지고 다시 시작된 들었다 놨다 밀었다 당겼다,
사랑할 때보다 더 뜨거워진 동희와 영,

연애가 원래 이런 건가요?

감독  노덕

출연  이민기, 김민희, 라미란, 최무성

Synopsis written by: Daum Movies


Friday, October 11 8:45 PM Dole Cannery B Date Passed
Sunday, October 13 3:00 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed
Monday, October 14 6:30 PM Consolidated Koko Marina Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Deok Roh
Screenwriter Deok Roh
Producer Ji-Yong Hong
Cast Min-ki Lee, Min-hee Kim, Moo-sung Choi, Mi-Ran Ra, Yeon-Soo Ha
Cinematographer Jong-Cheol Park

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