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Directed by: Adam Wong 2013 | 110 min.

Section: Spotlight on China

Premiere: Hawaii


Sponsored by:

Hawaii National Bank

Fleur, a hip hop natural, puts her parents' tofu business behind her when she goes to university and joins college dance crew BombA. The crew's main ambition is to defeat their arch-rivals, the Rooftoppers. Fleur takes a shine to the crew's leader Dave, but he only has eyes for sexy teammate Rebecca.

But when Rebecca makes fun of Fleur's more radical dance moves (calling her a fiddler crab), Fleur storms off. She runs into Alan, the chairman of the University's Tai Chi Club, and soon takes a shine to Fleur and her moves, and against the odds, she also is transfixed with Alan’s earnest love for tai chi as well. But, when Fleur decides to rejoin BombA, she sprains her ankle, confining her to a wheelchair. With BombA now disbanded, is there any hope for this scrappy group of dancers to make it to the final competition?

THE WAY WE DANCE, like other dance movies, is a celebration of vibrant youth, as well as hopes and dreams fulfilled. It is also a true Hong Kong film, made for the local market, with local flavors and cultural touchstones, a rarity in an industry with all eyes towards Mainland China.


Synopsis written by: Anderson Le


天才街舞少女阿花(顏卓靈 飾)加入大學舞隊BombA,與萬人迷隊長Dave挑戰令人聞風喪膽的舞壇惡霸Rooftoppers,卻被隊友Rebecca橫刀奪愛及嘲笑舞技。憤然離隊的阿花此時碰上騎呢太極男阿良(蔡瀚億 飾),竟受太極啟發創出全新舞招。阿花決定重返BombA,與宿敵Rooftoppers決一死戰,卻遇上意外導致嚴重腳傷。正當阿花覺得夢想幻滅之時,Rooftoppers的隊長Stormy竟突然現身她的輪椅前,揭開Rooftoppers稱霸舞壇的最大秘密……



主演顏卓靈, 蔡瀚億, 楊樂文, 范穎兒, Tommy “Guns” Ly, 黃貫中

Synopsis written by: Way We Dance Official Facebook


Saturday, October 12 3:00 PM Dole Cannery C Date Passed
Wednesday, October 16 4:45 PM Dole Cannery E Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Adam Wong
Screenwriter Adam Wong
Executive Producer Winnie Tsang
Cast Cherry Ngan, Babyjohn Choi, Lokman Yeung, Tommy 'Guns' Ly, Popper 88, Rhythm Attack, Wong Ho Fung, Heartgrey, Janice Fan
Cinematographer Siu-keung Cheng
Editor Kevin Chan, Adam Wong

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