Directed by: Shuichi Okita 2011 | 129 min.

Section: Gala Presentations

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere

Countries: Japan

Languages: Japanese, with English subtitles

Genres: Comedy, Drama


Sponsored by:

Hawaiian Airlines

Katsu, a 60-year-old lumberjack and widower (Koji Yakusho), lives in a small, tranquil village in the mountains. When a film crew suddenly arrives to shoot a zombie movie, Katsu finds himself unwittingly roped into assisting the production and is increasing frustrated by the pushy crew, especially the young, seemingly spineless director Koichi (Shun Oguri, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, CROWS ZERO).

However, an improbable friendship soon develops between Katsu and Koichi, as Katsu comes to see joy in the filmmaking process, and gradually helps Koichi to recover his sense of self. Soon, their bond inspires an unusual collaboration between the villagers and the film crew.

Actor Koji Yakusho has an illustrious filmography and is one of the most revered actors working in Japan today. Ranging from SHALL WE DANCE?,THIRTEEN ASSASSINS, to western fare like BABEL and MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, Yakusho’s performance as lonely lumberjack Katsu is played with the right mix of ennui, authority and small town naiveté. 

Synopsis written by: Anderson Le


Sunday, October 14 7:30 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed
Tuesday, October 16 9:15 PM Dole Cannery A Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Shuichi Okita
Screenwriter Fumio Moriya, Shuichi Okita
Producer Satoshi Arashi , Shiro Sasaki
Cast Shun Oguri, Koji Yakusho
Cinematographer Yuta Tsukinaga

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