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Directed by: Yu-Hsun Chen 2013 | 145 min.

Section: Spotlight on Taiwan

Premiere: United States


Sponsored by:

Hawaiian Airlines

A long time ago, there existed chefs renowned for their prowess in the art of “bandoh,” the traditional Taiwanese outdoor banquet. However, as times changed, that tradition faded away. On his deathbed, Master Fly Spirit, a master of bandoh, tries to pass his secret recipes to his daughter, Wan (Kimi Hsia), but she desperately wants to escape the family catering business. Young and sassy, Wan tries her luck at modeling in Taipei, only to find herself jobless and on the run from debt collectors. Disillusioned, Wan returns home to her mother who says the family business is hopelessly in debt. They soon realize their only hope is to seize one final opportunity — a national bandoh competition with a huge prize package. Unfortunately, they face stiff competition from Master Ghost Head, a bandoh chef recently released from prison, and Ah-hai, his dreamy, young protégé (Taiwanese heartthrob Yo Yang). Is Wan up to the challenge?

ZONE PRO SITE was Taiwan’s highest grossing film this year. It's a romantic comedy with plenty of laughs, luscious food scenes and, above all, Taiwanese charm!


Saturday, October 12 3:30 PM Dole Cannery B Date Passed
Thursday, October 17 6:00 PM Consolidated Koko Marina Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Yu-Hsun Chen
Screenwriter Yu-Hsun Chen
Producer Lieh Lee, Jufeng Yeh
Cast Kimi Hsia, Yo Yang, Lin Mei-hsiu

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