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United States 2017 | 94 min.
HIFF Spring Showcase | Documentary, Environmental, Food

EATING ANIMALS tells the story of the beginning of the end of factory farming. Produced by Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran Foer, the film is inspired by Foer’s critically acclaimed book....

Sat, Apr 07 - 3:30PM  Dole Cannery C

Sun, Apr 08 - 1:30PM  Dole Cannery C

Japan, Singapore 2018 | 121 min.
HIFF Spring Showcase | Drama, Food, Romance

HIFF 2017 Audience Award Winner! When ambitious Singaporean chef Ryan’s wife Yuki suddenly disappears, he sets off to her hometown in Okinawa searching for clues. While Yuki is nowhere in...

Sun, Apr 15 - 4:45PM  Dole A

리틀 포레스트
South Korea 2018 | 103 min.
HIFF Spring Showcase | Drama, Environment, Food

Get ready Korean food lovers, the much anticipated Korean remake of the beloved Japanese manga and film is here! A love letter to slow cooking and Korean cuisine, LITTLE FOREST takes us through four...

Sat, Apr 14 - 5:45PM  Dole A

Sun, Apr 15 - 12:45PM  Dole A

Japan 2017 | 93 min.
HIFF Spring Showcase | Biographical, Documentary, Food

Love ramen? Then, this is the film for you! Tokyo-based Chef Osamu Tomita takes cameras into his kitchen, where he shares recipes, trade secrets and his thoughts on flavors. The reigning kind of...

Mon, Apr 09 - 6:00PM  Dole A

Fri, Apr 13 - 8:00PM  Dole A

United States 2017 | 80 min.
HIFF Spring Showcase | Documentary, Food

Filmmaker Alexandra Cuerdo follows the rise of Filipino food via the award-winning chefs crossing over to the center of the American table. ULAM: Main Dish stages this new culinary movement as not...

Tue, Apr 10 - 6:00PM  Dole Cannery C

Wed, Apr 11 - 4:00PM  Dole A

5 films/events
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