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HIFF Extreme

Australia 2013 | 95 min.
HIFF Extreme | Drama, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller

“Do you want to die?!” seven-year-old Samuel asks his mother, Amelia. She wonders if his question is a threat or a warning. After dealing with Samuel’s tantrums his entire life, Amelia suspects...

Sun, Nov 02 - 8:15PM  Dole Cannery E

Fri, Nov 07 - 9:00PM  Dole Cannery E

New Zealand 2014 | 109 min.
HIFF Extreme | Comedy, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller

Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her...

Fri, Oct 31 - 10:00PM  Dole Cannery C

トウキョウ トライブ
Japan 2014 | 116 min.
HIFF Extreme | Action, Asia, Crime, Music

Japan's Sion Sono is back with a film unlike anything you've ever seen before: a yakuza/street-gang/hip-hop musical epic. In a futuristic, alternate-world Tokyo, the city is made up of ghetto...

Fri, Nov 07 - 8:45PM  Dole Cannery B

Sat, Nov 08 - 6:45PM  Dole Cannery F

Japan 2013 | 97 min.
HIFF Extreme | Asia, Black Comedy, Gay/Lesbian

If there is one Japanese S&M lesbian high school movie to see, then it’s TORTURE CLUB. Yuzuki has been accepted into the prestigious all-girls’ St. Anesty Academy. On opening day, she is...

Wed, Nov 05 - 9:15PM  Dole Cannery D

Sat, Nov 08 - 9:15PM  Dole Cannery F

1-4 of 4 films/events