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HIFF Extreme

Taiwan 2015 | 89 min.
HIFF Extreme | Horror, Supernatural, Thriller

Taiwanese ghost story THE BRIDE, produced by horror maestro Taka Ichise (RINGU, THE GRUDGE) follows two intertwining tales. Cheng-ho is a successful TV producer; after he picks up a red envelope...

Sun, Nov 15 - 8:30PM  Dole Cannery A

United States 2015 | 98 min.
HIFF Extreme | Horror, Thriller

A reunion of old friends turns into a nightmare when one guest, a haunted man whose ex-wife is among the hosts, begins to fear that the night is part of a terrifying agenda. An effective and...

Thu, Nov 19 - 8:45PM  Dole Cannery G

South Korea 2015 | 111 min.
HIFF Extreme | Horror, Suspense, Thriller

A salaryman murders his entire family and is still at large. When CCTV footage emerges, showing him entering his office building after the murder, the police search the entire building. But, he’s...

Sat, Nov 14 - 9:00PM  Dole Cannery A

Sat, Nov 21 - 9:00PM  Dole Cannery G

Philippines 2014 | 101 min.
HIFF Extreme | Horror, Supernatural, Thriller

A devastating typhoon is sweeping over the Philippines, slowly approaching Manila. As if they sensed the final judgment looming, some of the city’s inhabitants behave in ways that are hard to...

Sat, Nov 21 - 8:15PM  Dole Cannery E

4 films/events