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New American Filmmakers

United States 2015 | 102 min.
New American Filmmakers | Suspense, Thriller

Zoe Bell – best known for her long running collaborations with Quentin Tarantino – is Avery Taggert, an acclaimed photojournalist looking to put some distance between herself and her own dark...

Mon, Nov 16 - 7:30PM  Dole Cannery D

India, United States 2014 | 100 min.
New American Filmmakers | Drama, Gay/Lesbian, Romance, Self-discovery, Women

Laila is a rebellious young Indian woman with cerebral palsy. Gifted, spunky, and boy crazy (which leads to heartbreak), she feels she needs to leave India to pursue her academics and moves to...

Mon, Nov 16 - 8:15PM  Dole Cannery C

Wed, Nov 18 - 7:45PM  Dole Cannery H

Thu, Nov 19 - 7:30PM  Doris Duke Theatre

United States 2015 | 94 min.
New American Filmmakers | Biography, Documentary, Personal Narrative, Social Issues, War

Award winning filmmaker and writer Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, in her most personal film, travels to her birthplace, North Korea, for the first time in 70 years. Taking a journey into the past, she explores...

Sat, Nov 14 - 4:00PM  Dole Cannery E

Sun, Nov 15 - 11:30AM  Dole Cannery D

South Korea, United States 2015 | 105 min.
New American Filmmakers | Asian American, Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama, Gala

Seoul, 1986. Overseas Korean teens are participating in a government sponsored summer camp for them to learn about their heritage. With a summer of partying ahead of them, they’re on a crash course...

Wed, Nov 18 - 8:15PM  Dole Cannery D

Sun, Nov 22 - 5:00PM  Dole Cannery G

France, United States 2015 | 82 min.
New American Filmmakers | Coming of Age, Drama, Youth/Teen

Chris drives up to Yosemite for the weekend with his dad and discovers a corpse in the woods. Joe, left to his own devices by his babysitting sister, befriends a lonely drifter who shares his love of...

Sun, Nov 15 - 8:30PM  Dole Cannery C

Wed, Nov 18 - 5:30PM  Dole Cannery H

5 films/events